Property Solutions API: A Simple Solution For A Complex Task

When it comes to leasing or managing rental properties, there are a lot of loose ends that not only need to be tied up, but maintained and monitored. Without an effective system that ensures things run smoothly, the rental process can become a bit of an issue. Property Solutions aims to streamline this process in a forward-thinking way by providing an application for effectively managing rental properties. The Property Solutions API is available for developers to take this practical functionality and integrate it with other applications.


The Property Solutions service offers users a one-stop-shop that covers everything they'd need with regards to property management. The company's list of solutions includes a complete marketing website solution with strong lead conversion tools, an iPad app, a secure online Portal where residents can pay rent and interact, and an effective property management software solution that allows users to handle everything from accounting, CRM, screening, utilities and insurance, all in one place.

Property Solutions' API provides various methods that enable developers to integrate the service's vast features with other applications. Some of these methods support creating and updating sales lead and customer records to attract new tenants, leasing functions to support the moving-in process, booking accounts receivable transactions and other accounting functions, tracking maintenance and vendor interactions to keep on top of property repairs, and more. Further information is available on the Property Solutions website.

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