ProPublica Introduces Vital Signs App and API

ProPublica, a non-profit, independent investigative journalism organization that focuses on public interest, has introduced the Vital Signs API, the API that powers the new Vital Signs Web app. The Vital Signs Web app provides information for more than 1.3 million U.S. healthcare providers. Information that can be found using the app includes how much providers were paid for their services, payments providers received from drug and device companies, and the types of drugs prescribed by healthcare providers. The Vital Signs API provides access to the same healthcare provider information available from the Vital Signs app.

ProPublica focuses on investigative journalism reporting on issues and events that have the potential to significantly impact the public. ProPublica began publishing in June 2008, and the organization has collected a great deal of data since its launch. The data behind the ProPublica's reporting can be downloaded or purchased, and some data is also available via APIs. The new Vital Signs API is a premium API; however, there are several free ProPublica APIs available such as the Campaign Finance API, ProPublica Congress API, and Nonprofit Explorer API.

The Campaign Finance API provides information from the Federal Election Commission about electronic filings. The ProPublica Congress API provides information about Congress such as roll-call vote data, member data, and bill data. The Nonprofit Explorer API provides information from the IRS on 1.6 million non-profit organizations.

The Vital Signs API provides healthcare provider data that can be useful for hospitals, physician offices, health insurance companies, and other healthcare industry organizations. Developers of consumer review sites and physician locator sites can use the API to incorporate Vital Sign data into their websites. The API is currently in a closed beta program and a limited number of participants will be added this Spring. Developers interested in using the Vital Signs API can sign up to be added to the beta waiting list.

For more information about the ProPublica Vital Signs App and API, visit the official website.

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