Prosperent Launches Industry First Celebrity Product API

Prosperent has released "the performance advertising industry's first and only celebrity product API." The celebrity product API will allow content creators and developers to include products associated with celebrities into advertising campaigns. According to Propserent's CEO, Brian Lovett, "hundreds of hours" are currently spent researching celebrity-product affiliations. The celebrity product API eliminates this manual research process and provides "[Prosperent] users fast and easy access to celebrity products and can be used on its own, or as a supportive component to a larger performance advertising campaign."

Prosperent already enjoys a large customer base of marketers, including a network of more than 5,000 content creators and developers. The celebrity product API is available free to this network, and should attract an even larger customer base. In addition to eliminating laborious research, API users will receive a commission when a sale is made through the API.  According to Prosperent, "[s]ince releasing the Celebrity Product API, Prosperent data has shown that web publishers have seen over $150,000 in additional sales."

The celebrity product API uses a REST protocol. Once the API is integrated, developers query a "database of more than 400 celebrities and receive a list of products associated with that celebrity's style and aesthetic." Developers can use the raw data pulled, and incorporate it to the back end of the site.

We all know that products sell when celebrities use or wear them. Prosperent's celebrity product API hopes to take advantage of this phenomenon by easily associating products with the celebrities that use them. Developers interested in using the API can register here.

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