Protected Media Announces Supply Side SDK for Ad Fraud Detection

Protected Media, ad fraud detection solution provider, has announced an SDK for connected TV (CTV) and over the top (OTT). The SDK allows users to verify traffic at the source. This provides media buyers with fraud-free marketplaces to purchase and view inventory.

"The OTT space has a unique set of challenges when it comes to verifying that traffic is indeed fraud-free," Asaf Greiner, Protected Media CEO, commented in a press release. "Besides being a nascent vertical which is fragmented and extremely complex, there are additional components which make it a more sophisticated space to navigate."

Greiner continued to explain the traditional complexity. Server-side ad insertion makes it impossible to implement third-party verification code into the ad creatives. Protected Media solves this problem by allowing developers to bake the SDK into the OTT tech Stack. Once in the stack, other fraudulent actors have no access to the verification process.

Protected Media is unique in its being a supply-side verification vendor. Once the SDK is integrated, advertisers no longer bear the burden of validating traffic. From a verification standpoint, the data received through the SDK attaches to an impression as an identifier. The identifier is authenticated by anyone in the distribution flow that is designated a trusted Protected Media server. The SDK works in a live environment with constant data source feeding through an AI-powered engine.

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