Prototypster API Draws 3-D Printing Boundaries

Prototypster, a 3-D printing service, has launched an API that allows developers to integrate the 3-D printing service with third-party websites and apps. API Prototypster allows Integration partners to load, test and price 3-D models before order through a developer's website. API access to Prototypster functionality eliminates the previous installation and maintenance required to integrate 3-D printers with Prototypster software. The company envisions that apps offering 3-D modeling can easily expand customer options with the option of actual 3-D printing after integration with API Prototypster.

"API Prototypster gives the possibility to create and to sell alive products and to use the most leading additive technologies so as to open up the new markets and to find new clients," the company said in a blog announcement. "We are planning to go further in API expansion with new functions, new options."

To help potential users better understand the opportunities, Prototypster points to its integration with GlobalGallery. The site allows users pick from a variety of options and, in turn, create 3-D printed models. In the GlobalGallery example, a user loads a 3-D model into a project gallery. Next, the user chooses material, model size and delivery method. After the selection process, the user makes a payment, and API Prototypster begins the printing process. The product is printed and then ships to the customer.

Functionality available through the API includes 3-D model upload, cost estimate, error check, ordering and 3-D printing. The API remains in beta; however, a number of integrations have already proven to provide significant improvements within the 3-D printing production process, Prototypster says. Those interested in getting started should email the team for an API Key.

Prototypster aims to "draw the 3D printing boundaries" with the release of API Prototypster. With a business-to-business model, the company focuses on additive manufacturing, which it believes is the next wave of manufacturing that will propel 3-D printing into a mainstream technology. With an open API connecting it to partners, and granting easier access to 3-D printing functionality, Prototypster may be creating the future that its business model bets on.

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