Proxy Announces Open Platform for Personal Identity Services

Proxy, a startup working to provide everyone on earth with a smartphone-powered personal identity signal, today announced a new open Platform that includes a new Access API and Identity SDK. This new platform is designed to provide developers with all the necessary tools to build custom identity services that recognize individuals based on their personal identity signal.

The service authenticates an individual's identity via Proxy Signals, which are emitted over Bluetooth from the user’s smartphone, removing the need for physical keys, cards, badges, and passwords. With Proxy Signals, developers can create services that regulate access to buildings, devices, and applications. This approach allows access to be granted on a more granular level, and user privileges to be easily modified or revoked.

Proxy CTO and Co-Founder Simon Ratner explained to ProgrammableWeb the value that the company sees in providing open APIs:

We strongly believe that APIs should be open as opposed to locked behind restricted paid partner programs.  We designed our open API and SDK so that anyone can get started instantly and create simple yet useful integrations but have also built enough depth into the API to allow for growth as a product matures.  We offer dedicated developer support and make sure our APIs are developer-friendly by building our own apps on top of our own API and SDK.

This new open platform is just the beginning of a Proxy ecosystem of integrations that users will be able to engage with. The company aims for third-party integrations to easily become ‘Proxy Compatible’, accelerating the growth of the ecosystem. 

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