PUBG Launches Test Version of its API for Battle Royale Game Data

PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) recently announced the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Developer API for its battle royale game mode. The PUBG API will open access to in-game data which developers can use to build supporting tools and services. PUBG originally announced its intention to release an API under its 2018 roadmap. Now, the API is in testing, and PUBG is recruiting developers to help test.

"The PUBG Developer API is going to enable developers in the community to build Resource oriented websites and applications which will benefit the PUBG community," PUBG community manager, Andro Dars, commented in the PUBG forum. "We're super excited to see what developers in our community decide to make with it. We look forward to seeing websites for stats, replays, heatmaps, tournaments and a bunch of other cool stuff that we haven't even thought of yet."

PUBG players may already be familiar with the PUBG's OP.GG site (OP.GG allows gamers to view stats, leaderboards, and other insights for games like League of Legends, Overwatch, eSports, and others). PUBG suggests that the PUBG API will enable more sites like OP.GG to create tools that PUBG players can interact with and benefit from.

The PUBG API is RESTful and uses a JSON data format. PUBG used the OpenAPI specification for Endpoint document. API users can pull match data from a single match, or batches of up to five. Data available from matches includes ID, duration, rounds, rosters, assets, spectators, gameMode, and much more. Telemetry data is also available for further insights. Check out API docs to learn more.

PUBG has included links to versioning and a changelog at its developer documentation site. The API is still undergoing testing and development, and is not yet open to the general public. To get started now, request early access.

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