PublishFlow Keeps News Orgs In The Know

Publishing has certainly become a more competitive market over the last 10 years, with editorial budgets falling, print readership dropping, and the difficulty that news sites have had in securing paid memberships.  This economic reality is driving many changes in the journalistic trade and the news media industry.  One such change might be increased competition for readers and more varied news sources come onto the scene.  Enter PublishFlow, a web service programmed to watch your editorial back.  The PublishFlow API allows you to monitor many news sites at once, tracking things like headlines, top stories, authors and categories.

This tool reminds me a bit of the Diffbot API, which I said was programmed for awesome.  The main difference is that PublishFlow is targeting the editorial teams of news organizations and their specific observers need to monitor competitors around the clock.  This is like a use-case for DiffBot.  I don’t mean to sideline PublishFlow at all.  I should note that they have built an interface that assist the news world in tracking what they need to track about their competition.

The PublishFlow API is RESTful and returns either XML or JSON.  The Documentation of the methods is adequate, but there are no working example API calls or a developer sandbox.  Let’s hope they are coming soon.

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Garrett, thanks for the write up. I am the co-founder and CEO of In addition to the API link you posted above, which lets our news media clients pull real time audience, competitor and topic metrics from our service, I would like to bring to your attention our media event capture API as well that lets any media website capture, measure and trend any on page event like a video play, photo view, twitter post, facebook like etc... the link is here for more information Like you suggested we will keep working on the documentation, somehow that always comes last :) Cheers.