Publishing A Billion Mobile Apps: How The Company You Never Heard of Plans To Do It

Matthew David from is an intense individual.  He has seen the opportunity lying in front of mobile application developers and I suspect that it’s keeping him up at night.  No, its not tied to a single Platform. The opportunity he sees is based on a trend that involves billions of mobile phone users around the globe.  “There are 7 billion people on the planet,  4.5 billion of them have cell phones” David explained, “currently 5% are smartphones.  By the end of 2012, we’ll see that number move to 20%.”  That’s about 700 million new smartphones, for those of us counting along, that will be coming online this year.  Let that number sink in for a moment. If you’re a bit skeptical, note that some projections put 2012 iPhone says at between 125 and 200 million, and that’s just one phone in the market.

TheAppBuilder team has a vision of where the mobile platform is going and how to deliver tightly integrated apps to the billions of smartphones that will be operating around the globe.  It’s a simple strategy, just focus on developing OS level Integration for every device platform that’s out there.  After you’ve done all this hard work, sell it as a platform.  Bank on the fact that very few companies are going to go whole hog into this arena that requires detailed technical knowledge over such a broad range of platforms on an ongoing basis.

But the real rub, the big idea here, is not even that they will tackle all mobile platforms.  It’s not even that they will future proof apps developed on top of TheAppBuilder platform by continually evolving in lockstep with mobile platforms. The fact that they will enable apps to download and install new functionality without re-release and approval through app stores is a compelling feature of the service they offer, but even that is not the biggest idea here.

The big idea is to design TheAppBuilder platform for the writer, artist, and musician.  TheAppBuilder aims to become the most widely adopted app development platform.  Their goal is to be the Wordpress of app development.  Now maybe Wordpress is a little out of vogue, but let’s be real here.  There are more than 70,000,000 Wordpress sites worldwide, and 500,000 new posts are created every day on  Clearly they are doing something right.

TheAppBuilder believes that the success of the Wordpress platform is due largely to the non-technical interface that serves the typical content producer, who has no desire to become a web programmer.  It can also upgrade itself with very little user intervention.  It is extensible through the development of plugins and intensely customizable through themes.  These are the principle features guiding TheAppBuilder team.

This team has no lack of ambition.  We’re keen to see how they execute this strategy and will be following up through the year to keep you posted.

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