Purchase, Deposit, and Bank from a Smartphone with Paidpiper

Paidpiper, mobile payments processing provider, offers its unique mobile payments Platform via the Paidpiper API. Instead of relying on network security to ensure reliability and compliance, Paidpiper's unique approach secures the smartphone making the transaction to prevent malfeasance and fraud. By securing the smartphone itself, no need for additional POS hardware becomes necessary.

Paidpiper created the first app based on the platform to demonstrate its simplicity and security: Ok'd. Ok'd allows users to receive money or send money to anyone with the touch of a button. Paidpier CEO, Atif Hussein, demoed Ok'd at last month's Disrupt NY and explained:

“What you saw was a platform to move money around safely and securely....We built the Ok’d application on top of that.”

Public Documentation for Paidpier is not currently available. Paidpiper built the API fully compliant with financial regulations (i.e. PCI, MTL, etc.). The Ok'd app should give developers a sense of what functionality the API provides and Paidpiper is happy to assist in further development. For more information, contact the Paidpiper team at the homepage.

Mobile payments remains a space of innovation, disruption, and change. The mobile consumer continues to test the waters with various payment providers, yet no single provider has emerged as victor. Paidpiper represents a new player to the field with a slightly different value proposition over some of its competitors. Keep an eye out for Paidpiper driven apps or try Ok'd yourself.

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