Purlem API Creates and Manages PURLs

Purlem, personalized landing page and marketing service, has launched The Purlem API that gives developers access to most of Purlem's personalization features. Purlem was born out of frustration with the cost and complexity involved in pURL development. Now available through an API, Purlem has taken more barriers out of pURL creation and maintenance. Martin Thomas, Purlem founder, commented on the API:

"The API will allow developers to integrate 3rd party websites with their PURL campaigns.  This will make integrating with CRMs, Email Marketing Platforms, and the like a breeze!"

Although Purlem is now six years old, its API remains less than a month old. However, developers have already experimented with API and put it into live scenarios. As with many API releases, the Purlem team has been surprised by some of the integrations:

"I recently had a client use the Purlem Import API to not only create PURLs on the fly, but also redirect to their PURL microsite.  Seems very obvious, but is a very interesting use of the API that I have not thought of."

The Purlem API uses REST protocol and returns calls in a JSON data format. Developers use basic CRUD when interacting with contacts, campaigns, and results. Those interested can learn more at Purlem's Github page.

Personalized web results have shown to improve click through rates and turn followers into customers. Simplifying the personalization process via API could dramatically decrease the development needed to create personalized campaigns and add more targeted messaging to mobile app and web marketing. Purlem could be the engine that drives a new wave of marketing.

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