Push Entertainment API: Winning Customers Over With Cool Stuff

You can't catch a fish without enticing bait. It's a fact;  incentive gets people to take action. When it comes to the web, every company wants to get potential customers or fans to interact with their brand and demonstrate loyalty, and the best way to do that is to offer users something exciting for their efforts. Push Entertainment is a service that offers a range of loyalty applications for consumer brands. The company also provides the Push Entertainment API that allows developers access to this data.


Push Entertainment offers a selection of services. The Loyalty App puts companies in direct contact with their customers, offering rewards for various actions including simply clicking 'Like', providing an email address, sharing information or actually purchasing a product. Then there's Crowd Reward which is a Facebook app that encourages users to work together to spread the company's message and unlock rewards, and the Fanwall which is a tool for connecting with fans in a personal way by transforming an image of a particular brand into a mosaic of photographs of fans uploaded by the fans themselves.



The Push Entertainment SOAP API is another service offered, giving developers access to the entire Push range of functionalities. All end points are available over both HTTP and HTTPS. To apply for an API key or to get further information, developers can contact Push directly at api@pushsupport.com.

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