Push Millions of Messages Per Second: It's X-Stream.ly Easy

Out of a beige windowless office in Chicago comes a product that just might revolutionize what you thought was possible on the web.  X-Stream.ly is a pure play API service offering low-latency high throughput real time messaging with no server side coding required.  The x-stream.ly API is a pretty competitive offering in the real time API space.

The pedigree of the team is impressive as well.  The developers are all veteran coders with experience in the financial industry.  Call me biased, but that always impresses me.  These guys have been developing systems for options traders and the bar is set pretty high in fast moving financial markets.  With this new real time messaging API you’re getting a product that has undergone extensive production field testing.  To quote their own numbers, the showcase implementation of X-stream.ly handles “5 million messages per second with latencies under half a second”.  I’d say that the system has been put through it paces.

The structure of the API is familiar.  It works on the concept of channels.  Clients subscribe to channels.  Channels are used for sending and receiving messages.  Messages can be assigned to groups, which help programmers define logic for different types of messages on a channel.  An interesting feature is the persistence attribute, which allows new channel subscribers to receive all previous messages.

There are 47 other real time APIs in the index, but this one really stands apart from the rest.

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