Pusher Announces Chatkit to Enable Real-Time Chat Capabilities

Pusher, a London-based real-time technologies service provider, has announced the launch of Pusher Chatkit, a new product for adding chat capabilities to web and mobile applications. The company launched this new product so that adding real-time messaging functionality to apps would be easier for developers. While it is possible to develop chat capabilities on top of the core Pusher Platform, it is quicker and easier to add chat capabilities with the new Chatkit product. Chatkit currently includes a Query API to access stored messages, and an SDK for iOS. Android (Kotlin) and JavaScript SDKs are available in preview, and the public beta version of the iOS SWIFT SDK is available now.

Pusher Chatkit includes a number of features including (but not limited to) typing indicators to see who is typing online, public and private rooms, message storage, and online user presence to see who is and who isn't online. The company plans on adding many more features to the product such as read receipt tracking, native push notifications triggering for when users are offline, and SDKs for Go, PHP, and Python.

"As we speak, 1000s of developers are adding chat to their applications, but we know that even today, building chat from scratch is not as easy as it should be," states Pusher CCO Sylvain Giuliani in the announcement post. "We put everything we’ve learned helping GoGuardian, YouNow, Slaask, FreshDesk and more than 7,000 other developers using our existing API to add chat functionalities to their apps."

For more information about the Pusher real-time technologies service and Pusher Chatkit, visit https://pusher.com.

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