Pusher Expands Free Plan to 1.4 Million Notifications Per Week

Pusher, real-time messaging developer tool, recently announced an enhanced "free tier" to its plan. For years, the free, " Sandbox" version of Pusher was limited to 20 connections and 100,000 messages per day. Now, the limits have been increased to 100 connections and 200,000 messages per day. The increase is aimed to attract new developers to the tool and arm developers across the board with enterprise-grade technology currently deployed by companies like The Financial Times, MailChimp, and The New York Times.

"Modern apps and websites keep users up to date at speeds that were once the reserve of missile guidance systems," Max Williams, Pusher CEO, commented. "A free Pusher account now puts explosive growth in the hands of every developer, allowing them to focus on the experience rather than getting bogged down in technical challenges."

Common features in apps that are powered by Pusher include activity feeds, chat, sync states, in app notifications, data visualization, and collaboration. Pusher aims to be the engine behind any real-time feature enjoyed by app users around the world. Because real-time communication has become expected by today's users, a real-time provider is key to the development of the next killer app.

With the expansion of its free tier, Pusher has adjusted paid plans as well. The Bootstrap plan no longer exists (Bootstrap users were grandfathered into the Startup plan). Finally, Pusher added a Pro plan for 2000 concurrent connections and 4 million messages per day. Plans beyond the Pro plan have had modest price increases. For a full view of the price changes, visit the pricing plans site.

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