Pusher Releases Beams Push Notifications API for Mobile App Developers

Pusher, a London-based real-time technologies service provider, has released Beams, a hosted push notifications API for mobile app developers. Pusher Beams allows developers to manage device tokens for iOS and Android applications. And the service makes it easy for developers to trigger push notifications programmatically at scale. Beams includes a Debug Console that provides notifications information such as how many notifications have been opened by users and the percentage of device acknowledgements. The console allows developers to troubleshoot problems with notifications in real time and help ensure that notifications are actually delivered.

Developers can use Beams to trigger notifications based on in-app activity so that users remain engaged with their apps. For example, a pizza place could program its pizza delivery app to trigger notifications based on the actions of the user. When the user clicks on a certain type of pizza, like Pepperoni, the app could send the user a notification offering a discount on a large Pepperoni pizza.

"Notifications are the lifeline of an application but managing the infrastructure behind the scenes is a headache," said Jordan Harp, Product Manager at Pusher, in a prepared statement. "The well-kept secret of the push notification industry is that no one knows if your transactional notifications actually got delivered. Things like your ride-share driver arriving, a meeting reminder, or a bank transaction might arrive in time or get delivered late - there was no way of checking that."

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