Pusher's Chatkit Now Generally Available

This week, Pusher announced that its ChatkitTrack this API is now generally available. Chatkit is a set of APIs that enables developers to integrate in-app messaging within mobile and web apps. Pusher launched a beta version of Chatkit a year ago. The generally available version includes additional SDKs and more features requested during the beta period.

Chatkit comes pre-built with a number of features that end users expect from any chat service. Features include typing indicators, file & image sharing, online presence, roles & permissions, read cursors, and more. The goal is to fully arm developers with an end to end messaging Platform so developers can focus on the core app.

The Chatkit docs include detailed information regarding Chatkit's core concepts and features. Creating rooms, subscribing to rooms and sending messages are all accomplished through the currentUser object. All client SDKS include a chat manager object that becomes the entry point for app Integration with Chatkit. Additional objects include rooms, users, room membership, and messages.

While Chatkit is now generally available, Pusher has already released a roadmap of features soon to come. In the coming months, expect custom data for rooms, multi-part messages, improved Files API, push notifications, Webhooks, and end-to-end Encryption.

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