Put Your Data To Work

The ability to analyze information and use the results to make more informed decisions is something that interests a lot of people. Developers, publishers, and small to large business owners all collect an overwhelming amount of data pertaining to the work that they do. Employing a staff of analysts to sift through the onslaught of what can sometimes seem to be useless information is obviously one way to solve this problem, ‘ Machine Learning’ is another.

BigML specializes in cloud based analytics that provide simple to understand results. Users can view these results in the form of a decision tree that the company believes is powerful because it can handle a wide variety of data types. The company provides the BigML API that gives developers the ability to create a model from a dataset, and then make predictions based on the data.

The BigML API is great for anyone that is looking to put their data to work. The RESTful API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of BigML with other applications and to create new applications. BigML has created a pricing model that allows users to only pay for the analysis that they need. Documentation for this API is not publicly available and access is limited to users with an account and service.

The BigML API is one of 94 analytics APIs that we list in our directory.

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