Put In Your Two Cents' Worth: Opinionage API

We all have strong opinions on issues that are close to our hearts, but for the most part, they remain just our opinions and often never create the change we may long to see. In particular, it's the decisions that will have a real impact on our everyday lives that are left in the hands of the big decision makers like politicians, administrators or managers; but what if there was a way for the general public to get their voices heard? That's where Opinionage comes in; an online service that enables users to share and compare opinions socially with the potential to make a big enough stir to catch the attention of those in power. Opinionage has also released athe Opinionage API that enables third party developers to access this useful data and integrate it with other applications.


Opinionage works like a social game:

  • Users post a topic they may want to debate, then set two opposing options
  • Users start the game by voting for their option and making comments
  • The next step is for the user to invite people from their social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc) to join in the debate
  • In order to win the game, users must convince people to form an opinion or even convince opponents to change their initial opinions
  • Users gain points based on how they influence others
  • The more points gained, the higher up in the leader board the user goes, helping their topic get the attention of the big decision makers

To make use of the Opinionage API, developers must register their client applications and obtain the related security credentials. More information is available on the Opinionage website.

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