PW Interview Brandon Levy, cofounder and CEO of Stitch Labs

Here is an interview with Brandon Levy, Co Founder and CEO of Stitch Labs. The company recently raised $3.5 million in Series A financing and recently announced its latest Integration partner, Vend, the top iPad point-of-sale (POS) software for retailers.

PW- How has API integration helped Stitch Labs move ahead in the market?

Brandon- API integration has been extremely helpful for us to move ahead in the market. As our company evolves, we see the world moving toward holistic commerce. This means that all businesses are working to sell their products on any sales channel that is accessible to us, and these channels may be online and offline. By integrating with multiple APIs, we are able to touch every way our customers sell, giving them greater business management capabilities, and better reports of how they are performing through each of those channels.

PW-What are some of the best practices that you have developed or seen while catering to a global clientele that works in real time?

Brandon- Support is key. We need to offer the best support possible to our customers. While there are many similarities between two product based businesses, ultimately those businesses are unique. We are heavily focused on how we can best communicate to our customers how Stitch will work for their businesses. For this reason we need to make sure that we hire the best, most capable Master Stitcher's to not only understand how to use Stitch, but also to be able to communicate that to each customer in their own unique way.

Another best practice for us is to continually focus on design. It is critical to our growth to make sure that we're not just building a technically capable application, but one that focuses on empowering our customers, and we do that through design.

PW- What are some of the key turning points in your startup journey ?

Brandon- There have been so many for us over the past few years. Certainly finding our first customer back in 2011 was a great stepping stone in the right direction. Since then, some of our highlights include integrating with Etsy and Shopify at the end of 2011, closing our Seed round of financing in early 2012, moving into our first small office, hiring our first employee, surpassing the 1M new orders in a single month, adding our 10th integration channel and growing our team this year to further support our efforts.

PW- 2013 has been an exciting year so far for Stitch with the Debt and Series A funding and new authorization partners. What is planned next on the roadmap?

Brandon- We are spending a lot of resources right now on the next generation of Stitch. We will be focusing on adding a lot more tools and functionality into the application to help our current and future customers. Additionally, we need to continue working hard to support our customers even better than we do now. Recently we launched a program with Stitch Specialists where each customer that signs up for Stitch gets a free phone call to help them get setup correctly. We believe with having a strong product, and great support to go with it, we can help our customers solve their problems and help them make smarter business decisions to grow their businesses.

PW- How scalable are Stitch Lab solutions? What is the range of your customers and users from smallest to largest?

Brandon- Today, we focus on customers that are receiving 10,000 orders per month, or less. One of our key initiatives is to build on our infrastructure so that we can continuing support small businesses doing 10 to 1,000 orders per month, but also support those doing much more than 10,000 orders per month as well.

PW- What are some of the ways you develop, identify and handle strategic partnerships for integrating APIs?

Brandon- The top metric we focus on is what our customers are requesting. We listen very closely to what they are saying to know which addons and sales channels they are most excited about. From there we can start building relationships with those companies to provide the best possible integration to our customers as possible.

About Stitch Labs-

Stitch is a design-focused, fully integrated business management suite for product-based businesses. By streamlining numerous sales channels into a single SaaS product offering, Stitch empowers business owners to utilize their sales data and make smarter decisions.

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