Qeexo AutoML Brings Machine Learning to Edge Devices

Qeexo, a Machine Learning at the edge solution provider, recently introduced Qeexo AutoML. The solution is a one-click, automated Platform that performs machine learning functions on edge devices. Devices like cameras, RFID readers, and other edge products take in sensor data which is then analyzed by the AutoML platform directly on the edge device.

“Thousands of companies are collecting vast amounts of data at the edge. These companies want to leverage machine learning but don’t have the necessary tools or the technical staff,” Sang Won Lee, Qeexo CEO, commented in a press release. “With Qeexo AutoML, companies can iterate through prototypes and projects to produce production-ready models with a fraction of the time and resources previously required.

The first hardware devices supported by AutoML are the Arm Cortex M0-M4 class of MCUs and STMicroelectronic's SensorTile.box. Machine learning at the edge is difficult because of limited compute power, memory size, and battery life. However, Qeexo AutoML has been able to accomplish enterprise-grade machine learning in this form factor.

Qeexo based AutoML on the same machine learning it uses for its FingerSense, EarSense, and TouchTool products. AutoML is automated through after a one-click workflow is initiated. To learn more, visit the AutoML site.

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