Qlik Adds Natural Language Engine API to its Business Intelligence Suite

Qlik, a business analytics Platform provider, has announced the release of a new Natural Language (NL) Engine API that is intended to help developers leverage conversational analytics without the need for specific NL experience. This new offering joins existing Qlik SenseTrack this API analytics offerings in an attempt to bolster the company’s business intelligence suite. 

The company has provided an introductory video that outlines the process of leveraging the NL Engine API to build a custom chatbot in Node.js:

In addition to the video, which primarily provides insight into the functionality provided by a resulting demo chatbot, the company also provides a collection of tutorials that aid developers in getting started on the platform. 

The company notes that this API is available for Qlik Sense SaaS customers and in situations where Client-Managed versions have the Chat add-on included. Make sure to check out the documentation to get further information on the differences.

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