QQ Solutions Launches API for Cloud-Based Insurance Management System: QQ Catalyst

QQ Solutions, insurance agency management systems provider, has launched an API for its cloud-based management system: QQ Catalyst.  QQ Catalyst assists insurance agencies with customer acquisition and retention, ease of use, mobile management, and industry compliancy. The QQ Catalyst API allows developers to integrate QQ Catalyst with third party apps.

QQ Solutions COO, Michael Stebel, commented:

"QQ Solutions is on the forefront of [the API] trend. With Catalyst’s service oriented architecture, combined with its robust and extensive REST API, we believe independent software developers and third-party application providers will flock to our Platform to provide enhanced products to their insurance agency customers. Our intent is to build an ecosystem around Catalyst through our development partners that will greatly expand the range of solutions available to insurance agencies."

QQ Solutions launched QQ Catalyst earlier this year. Already, over 270 insurance agencies use QQ Catalyst to automate their operations. QQ Solutions believes its API strategy will increase this base by involving the developer community. Along with full Documentation, QQ Solutions has provided an API Sandbox and Developer Portal so potential users can experiment and test the API’s full potential.

The Catalyst API is RESTful API. The API can return calls in an XML or JSON data format. Most of the QQ Catalyst features remain available via the API. Whether a developer needs customer information, carrier information, location data, or other QQ Catalyst features; chances are the API will handle the request. For more information, visit the API site.

Insurance agencies use a host of digital tools on a daily base to streamline business. QQ Solutions wants to simplify the toolset by incorporating the management system with third party apps and workflows. Register for API access today to see sample integrations and try it out yourself.

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