Qualcomm Introduces Smart Headset Platform for Alexa Integration

Recently, Qualcomm introduced its Smart Headset Platform. The Platform includes both a Reference Design for Amazon Alexa Voice ServicesTrack this API (AVS), and a Smart Headset Development Kit for AVS. Qualcomm launched the platform to streamline development time for Bluetooth headset makers looking to integrate with AVS.

"The Qualcomm Smart Headset reference design...[helps] consumers to take advantage of Alexa on-the-go, without the need to interact with their phone," Qualcomm SP of Voice & Music, Anthony Murray, commented in a press release. "With this solution, we expect to support companies big and small to develop innovative and exciting headsets covering a range of styles featuring Alexa.

The Reference Design utilizes push button activation of AVS. Currently, the Reference Design is available on Android only and the Alexa app must be installed on the phone (but, direct phone interaction is unnecessary). Download the Reference Design to learn more.

The Development Kit was created with the Reference Design. Those interested can purchase the Development Kit which includes both hardware and software. Because headsets require a small form factor, basic development elements can be a challenge. Qualcomm aims to eliminate such barriers with an off the shelf kit that includes most of the hardware and software needed to build a Bluetooth headset that interacts with AVS through the Alexa Mobile Accessory Kit.

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