Qualcomm's App Tune-Up Kit Makes It Easy to Assess Apps

Qualcomm just made it easier for developers to check how well their apps perform on Android smartphones. App Tune-Up Kit can analyze Android apps in under a minute and offer suggestions on how to make them better.

The Tune-Up Kit measures five critical areas: CPU, GPU, power, thermals, and mobile data. Developers can view the results in an easy-to-understand and color-coded dashboard. Developers can then check to see how their app compares to the top 20 apps in the entire Google Play Store as well as the most popular 20 apps in any given category (think games, finance, business, family, health, etc.) 

The kit is able to generate app ratings specific to each processor for better accuracy, and can also estimate real-time power consumption when direct power readings can't be generated. It reveals both max and average CPU loads generated by the app, and compares the numbers to the max and average CPU loads when the phone is under normal use. At launch, only the Snapdragon S4 Pro, 800, 801, 805, and 810 processors are supported. Qualcomm said other Snapdragon processors, such as the 600 series and 400 series, will be added to the list over time. 

Why bother? Consumers often give up on apps that perform poorly. In fact, problems that come up during the initial use may cause people to uninstall crummy apps immediately. Tune-Up Kit helps prevent such issues, or at least resolve them in a quick manner after the fact. 

For example, the Tune-Up Kit generates a report with more than 30 different data points that highlight exactly what the app is doing. Moreover, the reports can be shared and viewed on PCs so the entire team can take action. The data includes recommendations based on the individual results, not on some broader set of criteria, so suggested fixes are specific to your app. Qualcomm says this should help developers save time profiling.

The app is free to download from the Google Play Store here. Qualcomm has more information about the Tune-Up Kit here

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