Qubit Launches New Behavioral Attribution API

Qubit, a leading customer experience management (CXM) solutions provider, has announced the launch of the new Behavioral Attribution API allowing access to Qubit behavioral attribution data. The new API uses Tableau to visualize the data so that it is presented in a clear and easy to read format.


Qubit is an intelligent visitor targeting Platform which is capable of analyzing website user behavior patterns and creating personalized website experiences for the user. Qubit uses behavioral modeling to analyze how visitors arrive to a website as well as their onsite activity and behavior.

The Qubit platform features tag management, analytics, testing and targeting in order to deliver website personalization. According to a Qubit infographic, 90 top websites were included in research to understand visitor behavior along with several key touch points such as location, basket pageviews, device, time of day, browser, and conversions per hour. The full size infographic is included in a Qubit blog post.

The new Behavioral Attribution API makes it possible to integrate the Qubit platform with third party applications and systems. Qubit CEO Graham Cooke states for the press release that:

"We're not only easily and more efficiently connecting consumer data through the API, we're also now increasing the analytical maturity of our clients by demonstrating the benefits of merging online behavior data with additional customer data sources in a simple, easy-to-digest format. Providing complete 360-degree insight into consumer behavior on a daily basis will better enable marketers and retailers alike to React to customer behavior and faster implement promotions and offers that more quickly translate into conversion."

For more information about the Qubit platform and new Behavioral Attribution API, visit QubitProducts.com.

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