Query Wikipedia By Location in 36 Languages

The Wikilocation API has expanded to include 36 languages. The geo API for Wikipedia allows developers to find articles with subjects near a specific location. With the new languages, there are now over 3.8 million geocoded articles available via this unofficial API from developer Ben Dodson.

Dodson provides some history to the site in his announcement post:

It’s been just over a year since I started WikiLocation, a simple REST-ful API to access geocoded Wikipedia articles. During that time, hundreds of developers have made use of the API in mashups, apps, and commercial products.

"Usage has been pretty good so far," Dodson said in an email. "There are over 700 unique user-agents that have hit the API and on average getting around 12,000 API requests per day."

English is the most popular language with over 1 million geocoded articles. Dutch, German and French each have over 200,000. Dodson runs down a complete list of languages and the number of geocoded articles available for each in his post.

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