Quick And Easy Currency Conversions With Xchangeonline's API

Xchangeonline is a tool that provides currency conversion and rounding functionality that can be integrated with other applications. Their selling point is that, unlike other currency conversion tools available, their service is easy for anyone to use, reliable and affordable. The Xchangeonline API makes it possible for third party developers to access this functionality.


Xchangeonline offers a variety of plans to suit different needs. All of the plans include the following features:

  • User friendly implementation that enables the user to be up and running in a matter of minutes.
  • Results are received quickly and from a reliable source.
  • The service covers over 100 currencies worldwide, and further currencies can be requested on the higher level plans.
  • All exchange rates are updated frequently.
  • All plans come with a 14 day free trial and 100% money back guarantee.

The Xchangeonline API is easy to use. Developers simply request the URL, specifying the Function they require, the amount, the current currency, the desired currency and the API key (i.e. http://www.xchangeonline.com/convert/AMOUNT/FROM/TO/APIKEY/ ). The desired result is then returned. More information is available on the Xchangeonline website.

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