Quick And Easy Messaging With Flocknote's API

Flocknote's aim is to make the bulk emailing process a simple one. The service was originally created as a tool for churches, ministries and other organisations that had the need to communicate quickly and effectively with their members. The result is an easy-to-use email and text messaging service that gets the job done without the glitches involved in some more complicated systems. Flocknote also provides The Flocknote API that makes his functionality available to third party developers who may want to integrate it with other applications.


The features include:

  • Professional, custom-branded email newsletters - members have the option to receive messages by email, text, by telephone call or even via Facebook, Twitter and RSS feeds.
  • Flocknote handles everything from subscribing to open-rate tracking and bouncing on behalf of the user.
  • Easy list building - users can create as many lists as required, import existing contacts and use Flocknote as a registration and subscription tool to get information from members.
  • Members have the option to reply instantly or join in group conversations, keeping communication channels open.

Flocknote provides a RESTful JSON API that can be used with any language that is able to perform standard HTTP requests. The company has also provided some SDKs (Software Development Kits) that make it even simpler to interact with the API. More information is available on the Flocknote website.

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