Quini Launches API For Wine Reviews And Ratings

For those who may not be familiar with the name, Quini is a wine tasting app that allows users to learn about tasting, rate wines, and share their experience with friends. By launching its new API Platform, Quini makes it possible for third-party e-commerce websites and other apps to add this crowdsourced rating and review information to their sites, giving their customers a better experience.

Quini was developed by a team of experts, wine lovers, and even a wine scientist. The goal was to create something that would satisfy wine professionals, help people to learn about tasting, develop their connoisseur skills, and find great wines through other personal recommendations. All of these reviews are updated in real time, and provide an overall rating as well as ratings on each of the five vital aspects that make it a true wine tasting experience – the Eye, Nose, Mouth, Finish, and overall Opinion.

By accessing the API, developers can now pull the reviews and ratings content from the Quini app and integrate it into other wine sites.

In an article on The Georgia Straight site, Quini vice president of revenue and products, Jennifer Anderson, is quoted saying:

“Consumers appreciate shopping where they can access better information and make better choices, especially when it comes to consumables like wine. We’re excited to make Quini reviews and ratings available to wine sites everywhere, and to play a meaningful role in helping partner sites accelerate and increase revenue.”

Further API information is available on the Quini website.

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Vancouver's Quini launches API platform for crowdsourced wine reviews