Quote, Book, and Track Shipments via Any App with Temando API

Who hasn't packed a box full of items and wondered: "How much is this going to cost to ship?" Temando offers the service that we've all wished for at some point in our lives: enter the dimensions of a box, where its shipping from and to, and receive a freight quote from more than 200 carriers. Temando takes its service a step further through the Temando API offering that allows businesses or individuals to integrate Temando functionality with third party apps, websites, and platforms.

Temando not only provides quotes from 200+ carriers, Temando leverages its enormous order volume with carriers to negotiate better rates than individuals or enterprises could negotiate on their own. Temando CEO, Carl Hartmann, analogizes Temando to PayPal for freight:

"[Temando is] a freight gateway in the way a PayPal is a payment gateway....We enable people to sell anything big or small....We break down the barriers of e-commerce and take out complexities."

The Temando API uses SOAP protocol and returns calls in XML. Temando offers its entire service through the API. Input requirements include ship-to, ship-from, dimensions, and weight. Return data includes quotes, book a shipment, and track shipments. Those interested can sign up for free.

From individual online retailers to Fortune 500 companies utilizing robust ERP systems, Temando's service and API allows a streamlined approach to integrating shipping costs/data into existing commerce platforms. Shipping costs are about as certain as death and taxes. Shouldn't shipping information be readily accessible and cause minimal sticker shock?

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