Quova Adds JSON, Keeps XML, As It Expands Developer Portal

Quova's is a geolocation service, went free last November. The company has revamped its Developer Portal and added a few awesome new features to the Quova API. The company also added JSON as a response format, as so many other APIs have lately. Unlike the APIs ditching XML, Quova is keeping the XML format and expanding developer options. Also, the company added a developer forum and app gallery to its portal, to encourage community around its API.

Quova talks more about what's new in its official announcement post:

First, we’ve added a new FEATURED SOLUTIONS gallery. Wonder what other people are building with our API? Need inspiration for a project? In the Featured Solutions gallery, we showcase modules that are developed to integrate the Quova IP-based API with your environment. What’s more, developers who build a unique app with our API just might see it featured in our gallery.

Got questions? Want to connect with the Quova developer community? In our DEVELOPER FORUM, you can start a conversation with fellow developers, ask and answer questions, get tips on how to tweak your code for optimal performance and learn how to overcome glitches.

And, in addition to XML format, we’re now providing optional JSON formatted responses. Our JSON solution is up and running and ready for you to access, just make sure you specify the response format in your request. For more information, stop by our REST API GUIDE.

Quova is used by many companies, including Major League Baseball, which uses it to blackout live games in appropriate locales. It just recently finished accepting applications in its developer challenge, so shortly we should see all kinds of fun new apps come out of this API. Its geolocation data is said to be among the best in the industry.

With all of these interesting things going on with it, Quova is really looking like an API to watch. Geolocation is rapidly becoming a very useful data point for many mobile applications, and Quova is a pretty good solution for those looking to add it simply and freely to their application.

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