Quovo Launches Self-Service API Checkout

Quovo, Fintech data aggregation and analytics company, has launched a new self-service API checkout service for its Quovo API. The new service allows users to easily access and manage API tokens directly through the Quovo site. Three-tiered pricing allows developers to test the API in the free Sandbox, and scale Quovo API use as needed through the Catalyst and Partner plan levels.

"The feature specifically targets developers and product managers in the fintech community who will use our Account Aggregation and Account Authentication APIs to access financial account data for use across financial services," Quovo Chief Product Officer and co-founder, Niko Karvounis, told ProgrammableWeb.

Once signed up, Quovo API users have access to flexible API methods to retrieve data from financial institutions on behalf of clients (e.g. consumers, advisors, etc.). Endpoints include account information, brokerages, history, and more. For more specifics, check out the API docs.

Creating an account is simple, and now accessing the appropriate API access is completely self-serviced. As mentioned, the Sandbox version is free and includes up to 100 live credentials, access to 10 institutions, Quovo test data, and an API management dashboard. Paid versions start at $500/mo.

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