R2.ai Announces SaaS AutoML Offering

R2.ai, provider of enterprise artificial intelligence solutions, has recently announced the release of a new software as a service (SaaS) offering, designed to extend the reach of the company’s on-premises solution.

With the stated goal of being the “ AI that creates AI”, R2.ai hopes to achieve this vision by embracing end-to-end automatic model development that is designed for non- Machine Learning experts. The company also provides more advanced model development options for users that are further along in their machine learning journey. The Platform provides for Integration via API endpoints that are automatically generated by the company’s R2 Learn tool, allowing users to send data and receive predictions programmatically.

The company explained the importance of this new cloud offering by stating:

“We believe we can more rapidly drive mass AI adoption by offering our AI development and deployment technology in the cloud,” said Yiwen Huang, founder and CEO of R2.ai. “With the launch of our cloud-based R2 Learn product, we empower people with little AI expertise to develop AI applications right away and with little up-front cost.

API access is only available to users of the Enterprise SaaS & On Premise payment tier, with pricing available upon request. The company also provides a free limited two week trial for users hoping to test the potential of the platform. 

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