Rackspace Announces Neutron API Unlimited Availability

A few months ago, Rackspace announced limited availability of the Neutron API. Rackspace has now opened up unlimited availability of the API. In addition, users can utilize the Neutron client to provision the Networking API. The unlimited release should help developers consume the API and build rich network services.

The Neutron API offers programmatic control of network infrastructure. Such control brings new levels of efficiency to cloud management and deployment. Neutron was developed as part of the OpenStack project, which Rackspace co-founded. In an OpenStack environment, Neutron users can list networks to which a specified tenant has access, create isolated networks, show details for isolated networks and delete isolated networks.

Rackspace has published a help guide to assist users in getting started. Methods available via the API include cloud network creation and management, cloud server route assignment, allocation pool configuration, IP address provisioning and dual Stack functionality. Visit the API docs to learn more.

For years, APIs have cut provisioning time for software and Platform-based applications. Until recently, network provisioning has not had the same attention from an API standpoint. The Neutron API looks to change the traditional effort required for network provisioning. The API provides the same API approach to the network that has long been applied to software.

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