Radar Advances Several Geocoding APIs to General Availability

In February of this year Radar Labs, Inc., a provider of location data infrastructure, announced the private beta release of several new APIs that handle geocoding, search, and distance. These APIs are now being moved into general availability.

Since the initial introduction of these APIs, and the accompanying SDK, Radar’s products have been installed on millions of devices. The company notes that the initial success of the SDK, along with COVID-19 causing financial stress to their users, motivated it to advance the timeline for general availability. 

In addition to advancing the API product timeline, Radar is also announcing more affordable pricing in hopes of assisting its developer community. The new APIs are “free up to 100,000 API requests per month and $0.50 per 1,000 API calls thereafter.” Make sure to check out the announcement for a full list of all the new APIs. 

Additionally, the company has announced a new API playground for developers that want to get started by playing around with the new APIs. 

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