Radio Station Mashup

Lots of radio stations would be glad to have devoted fans able to create web mashups like the KEXPlorer. This mashup is intended to "enhance the listening experience" of the popular community supported KEXP station in Seattle: follow along as you stream KEXP, tag the songs you like, post comments, and send SMS to get current song info from your phone. As the live KEXP stream plays, the site shows album art, DJ and listener comments, and links to related music sites like iTunes. This mashup leverages multiple APIs including Amazon E-Commerce for things like album data and thumbnails, Mobivity for the SMS messaging, and the Rhapsody API.

One of the handy unique features is its SMS capabilities: "In the car and want to know (or remember) the song you're listening to? With KEXPlorer you can find out by texting 'kexp' to 95495 to get the current playing song. The song will be auto-tagged as sms for later lookup/download/discovery! Note, this feature requires that you have created a profile that is setup for sms."


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