Railsware Releases Mailtrap API for Email Test/Dev Environments

Railsware, creator of Mailtrap (email test environment), has released the Mailtrap API. Mailtrap provides a "fake" SMTP server so developers can test email environments without the need of actual customers or users. Mailtrap has proved a useful tool to the developer community; however, API access to Mailtrap features has been desired for third party Integration. Mailtrap Product Manager, Pavel Pavlovsky, announced that numerous developers requested API access over the past year and Railsware is happy to announce its availability.

Although Mailtrap remains in its early years, its customer base continues to grow as it removes users' need to reconfigure databases and modify code simply to test email environments. Mailtrap is Platform independent and can assist in most existing environments. Barry Jones of Audiogon.com commented:

"We've been using mailtrap.io for several months now in our development process and it's been a tremendous addition. As a developer, I wish this system would have been available to me for the last 10 years."

The Mailtrap API uses REST protocol and can return calls in JSON or XML data formats. The initial release includes three endpoints: inboxes, inbox messages, and message details. For access, developers need to register and request a token. Those interested can learn more at the the API site.

APIs have long been essential to test/dev environments. As APIs continue to evolve into products themselves, so has the test/dev API. Mailtrap already saved developers tedious hours in eliminating tweaks during development. Now that developers can integrate Mailtrap functionality with existing environments, expect rapid adoption.

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