A Rainbow of APIs: Orange, Yellow, Green

Last week we added a Canadian yellow pages service to our directory. It's called, simply, Yellow API, which made us wonder: what other colors are in our API directory? The short answer: quite a few.

  • For starters, there are actually several "yellow" APIs. There's the new Canadian yellow pages one, myYellow.com's Yellow API and YP.com's U.S. Yellow Pages API.
  • Our directory lists 16 Orange APIs, where Orange is the large telecom. Among the APIs are Orange Voicemail, Orange SMS and Orange Email.
  • There's Green Thing API, which helps people lead a greener life by suggesting earth-friendly activities. In fact, if we get slightly less literal, our directory contains 7 green APIs--APIs that have been tagged "green." Google Powermeter and OpenEco join Green Thing in that group of environment-focused APIs.
  • Rounding out the rainbow, Blue Dot allows users to find, save and share interesting Web content with friends and family. Blue Dot has actually renamed itself faves.com, but it's still close enough for us to include it in this list.
  • Finally, what color is found at the end of the rainbow? Gold, naturally. In this case, the Social Gold API, a virtual economy that was recently bought by Google.
  • You might have noticed we missed a few colors in the actual rainbow. That's because, as far as we know, nobody has a red, indigo or violet/purple API yet. Maybe we missed one? Or maybe you'll create it? If you do, let us know.

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