Rallyverse, a platform that helps companies become socially adept, releases its API

Do you suffer from a loss for words when it comes to Twitter? Not sure of what to share next on LinkedIn? You are not alone. Social media is hard work for companies, especially when they have to say something several times a day. That’s where Rallyverse steps in.

Focused on content inspiration, the New York, NY-based Rallyverse is heralding the next generation in social media networking. The company’s software-as-a-service Platform monitors trending conversations across the social web and offers suggestions to content managers on what to share and where in the social media sphere.

“It basically goes out and does the hard work of finding what is relevant to your brand and then routes it back to you,” explains company cofounder and CEO Joe Duran.

Rallyverse, which was founded two years ago and now has 10 employees, is a curator of social content. Rallydeck, the company’s flagship product, creates real-time, relevant, engaging posts complete with trackable links, hashtags and rich media. Now, Rallyverse has released its REST API, so companies can integrate it with their own marketing tools.

Instead of having to license the API directly, companies can access Rallyverse within their own content management system, publishing client or proprietary application. The API enables you to access your Rallydeck profile settings, which tells you all the ingredients that go into making your content recommendations. It also includes a list of trending topics and the most popular stories shared by users of your profile on Twitter.

By releasing an API, Rallyverse hopes to scale its business and deepen its relationship with existing customers. It also hopes to differentiate itself among competitors in the marketplace, according to Duran.

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