Rapid7 Introduces InsightAppSec API

Rapid7, SecOps solution provider, recently introduced its Rapid7 InsightAppSec APITrack this API. The API allows IT and cyber security departments to build new apps, run scans, check scan status, cancel scans and more without hassling with a User Interface. Use cases include on the fly vulnerability updates, Authentication setting updates, scans, and more.

InsightAppSec is a security suite. Rapid7 takes a Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) approach to SecOps, and API access to the DAST suite should allow users to better engage with nuanced details of their systems. As systems become more complex, Rapid7 built the API with hopes the professionals wouldn't have to find workarounds or settle for a less than complete solution in running a quality security solution.

Rapid7 has published open API documentation. Permissions to certain functionality can be segmented between three roles (Product Amin, Read Write, Read Only). Resources available through API access include apps, scan configs, scans, search, and vulnerabilities. Check out the API docs for more specifics.

For those interested in trying it out, apply for an API Key through the API docs. Learn more about Rapid7 and its approach to SecOps at its homesite.

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