RapidAPI Launches API Test and Monitoring Platform

RapidAPI, an API Platform for connecting to and finding APIs, has launched RapidAPI Testing. The new offering gives developers a solution to create and manage API tests from development to deployment. It supports API types including REST, SOAP, and GraphQL.

At its core, RapidAPI Testing is a functional testing and monitoring solution for APIs. It creates functional tests for deep validation of APIs. It monitors API tests across geographies. It integrates with CI/CD pipelines to enhance team collaboration.

Tests can be started through drag and drop processes due to pre-built integrations with the APIs included in the RapidAPI Marketplace. For APIs not in the marketplace, those can be added to the test platform through the RapidAPI Enterprise Hub. Dedicated Webhooks are available to run tests from Jenkins, CircleCl, GitHub, Travis Cl, and GitLab.

Up to 100,000 API calls per month are free via the basic package. The company offers scaled pricing through Pro, Ultra, Mega, and Custom tiers.

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