Rapidops Announces API Accelerator for Enterprise Resource Planning

Rapidops Inc. today announced its innovative new API Accelerator to rejuvenate legacy ERP systems. Changing ERP systems is not necessary today, and not viable in most cases due to the high switching costs and the time-consuming endeavor that is fraught with business risks. The ERP becomes a piece of the technology Platform, not the platform itself. Rapidops has deployed API/ERP solutions in many middle-market companies allowing maximum innovation to occur without business disruption. RAPID ERP is a solution that is completely customizable and automated without the need for expensive long-term recurring expenses. It is built for you and performs for you without ongoing SaaS service fees, freeing up your budgets to launch more digital products that enhance business value. Rapidops employs over 250 people globally and focuses on serving the right-sourcing technology needs of its clients that include large public companies, middle-market innovators, and venture-backed startups.

“We are always looking for ways to innovate and solve business challenges through the application of the latest tech. Over the years, more and more clients kept having similar issues around legacy systems and we were able to quickly help them recognize solutions through APIs and API platforms. Now with new clients, we can offer RAPID ERP to deploy what we have learned with 70% of the solution pre-built and focus on the 30% customizations that achieve unique and proprietary advantages for each client we serve. Our agile teams love to solve problems and create real tangible value that allows our clients to stay ahead of the technology curve,” said Dipesh Patel, CTO at Rapidops.

Rapidops has developed and launched hundreds of web and mobile applications, software-as-a-service (SaaS) products, eCommerce engines, APIs & API platforms, and data analytics products for Fortune 500 companies, Inc. 5000 companies and venture-backed startups. Its focus is on helping underserved middle-market companies become more tech-enabled to create strategic advantages over their competition.

“The Rapidops name resonates – fast-paced product development fueled by strong technical vigor and business operations acumen,” said Aaron Petrosky, President of Rapidops based in Charlotte, North Carolina. “We assist clients with the right blend of on-shore and off-shore technical talent to enable supreme cost-effectiveness without sacrificing the extreme high-quality digital product development that we are known for. We’re your digital team and will never fail our clients in the high-quality product and service delivery.”

Rapidops unique ability to design, build and operate technology solutions empowers its customers to launch impactful software products in record time. Since 2008, it has served companies large and small and is committed to a company culture that rewards passion for people, product, technology, and continuous innovation. Rapidops delivers proven teams and squads to tackle the toughest business challenges through the creative application of technology.

Petrosky adds, “Launching new digital products (or microservices) and improving them to enhance the customer experience has never before been possible at the speed and surety as there is today through managed API platforms. RAPID ERP is a way to accelerate digital transformations and quickly prove to companies that game-changing value-added digital services can seamlessly add value in weeks or months without the need to disrupt internal business operations.”

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