RapidRatings Announces Risk Management API

RapidRatings, a financial health analytics provider, has announced the RapidRatings Risk Management APITrack this API. The API allows third parties to integrate RapidRatings' flagship product (FHR) with their own platforms, risk management tools, and systems to enable the running of complex, automated tests. This allows companies to quickly conduct risk management scenarios at an enormous scale.

"Secure, instant, and efficient access to financial health data is a key requirement for our clients," RapidRatings President, Douglas Cameron, commented in a press release. "As our clients' risk management processes become more mature, we're focused on helping them achieve accuracy and scale by embedding the Financial Health Systems seamlessly into their current systems and workflows. We're providing instant access to the analysis and tools our clients and partners need to gain new insights into their relationships with their vendors and suppliers."

The Risk Management API includes a suite of three APIs. The FHR Generator API communicates large volumes of counterparty data from in-house systems to RapidRatings's Financial Health System to help generate FHRs and other financial health indicators. The Portfolio Health API accesses current and historical FHR data and integrates such data with internal risk management systems. The Financial Analysis API accesses historical financial data for both public and private companies.

Public Documentation is not currently available. However, for those interested in learning more, check out the Solution Brief

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