Rave Mobile Safety Launches Smart911Connect Service and New APIs

Rave Mobile Safety, a campus and public safety software solutions provider, has announced the launch of Smart911Connect, a service that connects public safety answering points (PSAPs) with approved third party sources of relevant emergency response data. The data is aggregated and delivered via a set of brand new web APIs.

Smart911Connect makes it possible for PSAPs that use the Smart911 software Platform to receive additional information related to the emergency response process in real-time, such as text and images, from approved third party sources. The data is provided by web and mobile applications and is delivered to PSAPs alongside a 9-1-1 call. Brian Tegtmeyer, Executive Director of DU-COMM, states in the press release:

"As we've learned with Smart911, additional data - when verified and delivered in a consistent and usable format - can greatly improve the emergency response process. We've had great success with Smart911, trust the data it provides, and now look forward to receiving even more valuable information from its partners through Smart911Connect."

Smart911Connect features a set of brand new APIs; APIs to be used by 9-1-1 centers and APIs for use by approved third-party application developers. The APIs are REST based, can call text and image data and the data is delivered in HTML or JSON/ XML formats.

Tom Axbey, CEO of Rave Mobile Safety, says in the press release about the new Smart911Connect service:

"Working carefully with the 9-1-1 community, we have developed a program that will allow third parties holding relevant data to deliver that information automatically with an emergency call for service, and do so in a way that is trusted, reliable and reduces data overload."

Developers interested in building applications using Smart911Connect can find additional information and apply for access at the Rave Mobile Safety and Smart911Connect websites.

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