RAWG Exposes Massive Gaming Database Via API

Games media service RAWG opened the RAWG Video Games Database APITrack this API for developers. RAWG is the largest games database with over 300,000 of games, 2M of screenshots, 400K of reviews and ratings, and now you can access all of it and much more via the API.

RAWG also operates a recommendations system analyzing actual video game content with Machine Learning, whose results can also be accessed via the API. All games in RAWG's database also have links to digital stores where you can purchase them. Find primary endpoints, terms of use, and example apps, running the API, on RAWG's website: https://rawg.io/apidocs

The API is open and free for non-commercial and research purposes. All projects looking to utilize the API for commercial purposes should apply at api@rawg.io. The pricing is individual and depends on how much data will be used and what it will be used for.

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