ReadSpeaker Launches SpeechCloud API Allowing Developers to Add Text-to-Speech Functionality to Apps and Devices

ReadSpeakerReadSpeaker, a leading online text-to-speech solutions provider, has announced the launch of the brand new speechCloud API (SCAPI) which allows developers to create applications and enable Internet-connected devices with text-to-speech functionality.


The ReadSpeaker speechCloud API allows developers to add streaming speech capabilities to both non-commercial and commercial applications. Applications and devices capable of communicating with external services via the Internet can be integrated with the API which then allows text-to-speech generated audio files to be sent to and played back on other devices.

The ReadSpeaker cloud-based text-to-speech service provides a set of default languages which includes American English, British English, Australian English, French, Spanish and several others. Each default language has at least one male and female voice included. Up to 40 languages and 100+ voices are currently available.

The ReadSpeaker platform features a built-in customer specific dictionary, multiple audio file formats (A-law, u-law, PCM, WAV, Ogg, MP3), sample code (PHP, Java/Android, Objective C/iOS, etc), and a statistics interface (both via web and API).

With the ever increasing pervasiveness of the Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile platforms, speech capability will most likely become a standard feature of many types of devices and appliances. The ReadSpeaker speechCloud API can be used by developers to speech-enable household appliances, connected car platforms, medical devices, email and eBook readers, translation apps and many other applications, devices and appliances. Niclas Bergström, ReadSpeaker Founder and CEO, states for the press release that:

"With the rapid rise in Internet-connected devices and the continuing growth of both web and mobile applications, more and more developers are demanding a publicly documented Web API for text to speech. Our speechCloud API enables us to meet this need and show how easy it is to speech-enable these devices and applications. With TTS Producer, we've taken our expertise in online text to speech and made it possible for anyone to easily produce audio files for both online and offline uses. We expect that more customers will see the benefits of adding text to speech for their users."

For more information about the ReadSpeaker platform and speechCloud API, visit

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