Ready-Made Multi-Messaging Functionality: Whispir API

Whispir, a Platform that enables its users to send messages to various channels at the same time, provides the Whispir API designed to allow developers to embed any feature of the platform into any cloud-based web application. Users can send these high-volume messages that are tailored and targeted for each channel and recipient via SMS, voice, email, web, mobile, or social media.


Whispir includes a number of practical features aimed at providing the user with an effective messaging tool - things like being able to send to thousands of people at once by creating distribution lists or triggering messages automatically from other existing systems. The system is also set up for two-way communication, making it easy for users to manage message responses. In addition, Whispir was created to be reliable and secure, and to be accessible via web, mobile, or landline, allowing users to respond to any situation from wherever they are.

The Whisper API makes it possible for developers to do things like create, send and receive multi-channel messages over 8 different channels, manage the recipients of their messages, handle all the online administration and create events as well as manage the communication associated with those events. Each call to the API requires an API Key, and interested developers will need to sign up for a Mashery ID to get started (as the API is provided through the Mashery website). Further information can be found on Whisper's website.

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