Ready, Set and Go with MapMyFitness

In the digital age, keeping yourself physically fit can be a challenge. What if you could manage your all your physical activities while at the same time engage your social network with it. Well, MapMyFitness, which runs a network of sites, caters exactly to that.

TechCrunch reported that MapMyFitness announced raising $5 Million in a Series A financing round, to help improve and extend its offerings. MapMyFitness runs a network of sites like MapMyWalk, MapMyRun, MapMyRide, MapMyTri, MapMyHike and MapMyMountain. By separating the activities into individual sites, it is a nice way to allow users to focus on activities that they would like to track and engage in. We had first covered the MapMyRun mashup in 2005 and based on feedback, the parent site MapMyFitness, which includes MapMyRun have undergone a complete revamp. You can check out beta versions, which looks much less cluttered and focuses well on the activities that you can do.


The social aspect of the Integration is interesting too. You can share your data with friends, keep track of friend’s activities, participate in events, find out which events your friends are taking part in, etc. It definitely makes the whole experience more enjoyable and in some cases, could even act as a motivation.

MapMyFitness also comes with a mobile version of its application, on Smartphone platforms like iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. That's a long way from its humble beginnings as a running mashup in 2005. But the apps go further, making it easy to track your run and then upload it into your account.


MapMyFitness also has an API that lets you create your own applications and widgets. The API is REST based and returns data in XML, JSON, PHP or TXT format. The earlier version of the API was version 3.0 but they are in transition to move over to version 4. In order to exercise the latest version, you will need to request a new Key. OAuth is used for API Authentication. The API functionality is fairly comprehensive allowing  you full management of routes, workouts, events and all activity data.

For example, if you wish to write an application that allows you to share your routes with a friend via email, you can use the /routes/share_route method and pass in parameters like route details, your name and an email list to share the details with.

With a complete suite of web sites for outdoor activities and an API to go with, MapMyFitness presents a one stop Portal to track all of your outdoor activities along with a social aspect to it. So the next time you plan to take a walk, hike, run or even do a triathlon, let MapMyFitness keep a log for you.

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