Real Time Communications Made Easy: AddLive API

WebRTC is an emerging open standard that is set to transform the world of real time communications (RTC). Basically, it's a technology that enables real time communication between browsers, particularly sound and video. AddLive is a service that supports both WebRTC and non-WebRTC browsers, providing the necessary infrastructure and enabling developers to easily add live video and voice to their applications via the AddLive API and SDKs (software development kits).


You could describe AddLive as a supplement to WebRTC; it takes the technology a step further. WebRTC only supports web browsers, but AddLive expands on this and also allows for the development of native iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS X applications. Where WebRTC is solely a peer-to-peer technology, AddLive extends this to enable multiparty conferencing. It also supports screen sharing, firewall traversal, usage and quality analytics, and enterprise level support.

The AddLive JavaScript API makes all this functionality available to be integrated into other applications. Developers interested in making use of this technology will need to sign up for an API key on the AddLive website. Comprehensive API Documentation and tutorials are also available.

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